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Bihar is not just the name of a state of India. It is a pilgrimage, a holy place, a place which has always showed the light to the world. Two of the oldest religions, Buddhism and Jainism originated from Bihar. Right from The Magadh Kingdom to The Gupta empire to The Mauryan Dynasty to the current political bigwigs like Lalu and Nitish , Bihar has always been politically vibrant. The first democracy of the world started in Bihar is another feather in the cap of ‘The Proud Bihar’. Glory is something which has always been an integral part of Bihar. The history of Bihar is unmatched. Be it Chanakya or Aryabhatt, Be it Nalanda or Super 30, Biharis have always one reason or the other to be proud of. They say ‘success is how much you bounce, when you hit the bottom.’ And no example could be more appropriate than the current emergence of Bihar from ‘the dark ages’. Defying all statements and pre-conceived notions Bihar has risen all over again, from the ashes like a phoenix.

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All proud Biharies.

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Our slogan is Project Bihar , established to be as a projector to project Bihar achievements and talent at national level as all over the world it is supposed that Bihar is not more than a backward state of INDIA, everybody who hails from Bihar feels shame introducing himself/herself as a bihari. Our Slogan is Project Bihar; established to be the umbrella to all the youth innovations at the national level, and to highlight the Bihari achievements throughout our work.

A group of bihari youth gathered for the love, devotion and nostalgia to their beloved motherland BIHAR The Proud to Be Bihari team strives to highlight achievements and abilities in all fields and activities, while embracing all other states achievements without hurting feelings of any one.


To support and highlight Bihar’s role in various fields and levels by providing a platform To all Bihari to know Bihar well.


The vision of proud to be Bihari to introduce the world with real BIHAR which now shown as an ugly image of poverty, Kidnappings ,corruption and crime. But it is like a sun of which once guided the world and has the capacity to repeat the same.


To promote the spirit of Bihariness.

Bihari Achievements

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Public Affairs : 1962 : Bihar

Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan

Public Affairs : 1999 : Bihar

Late. Ustad Bismillah Khan

Arts: 2001 Bihar

Shri Fazal Ali

Padma Vibhushan Public Affairs : 1956 : Bihar

Shri Jigme Dorji Wangchuk

Padma Vibhushan Public Affairs : 1954 : Bihar

Shri B.N. Sircar

Padma Bhusan Arts : 1972 : Bihar

Shri Balai Chand Mukhopadhyaya

Padma Bhusan Literature & Education : 1975 : Bihar

Dr. Dukhan Ram

Padma Bhusan Medicine : 1962 : Bihar

Shri Radhika Raman Prasad Sinha

Padma Bhusan Literature & Education : 1962 : Bihar

Shri Shiv Pujan Sahai

Padma Bhusan Literature & Education : 1960 : Bihar


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Bihar Cuisine

Bihar, one of the largest states in India, in terms of area as well as population, is known for its association with Lord Buddha. A land-locked state, it falls mid-way between West Bengal in the east and Uttar Pradesh in the west and stands bounded by Nepal in north and by Jharkhand in south. It served as a center of power, learning and culture in ancient India and now, is regarded as a major tourist destination. Apart from its varied attractions, the state is also known for its luscious cuisine, with sweets forming a major specialty. If you want to know more about Bihari cuisine i.e. the traditional food of Bihar, make use of the information provided in the lines below.


Litti is another main-course dish that forms a part of Bihari cuisine. It is nothing, but wheat flour cake that has been salted and baked. Litti is filled with sattu (fried gram flour)

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In context of the traditional food of Bihar, dalpuri is the first name that comes to mind. It is basically a type of bread, made of salted wheat flour, which is filled with boiled-crushed

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Baingan-ka-Bharta, though not a traditional Bihari dish, can be commonly found in the Bhojpuri speaking belt of North-Western Bihar. It basically comprises of baked Brinjal, treated with spices.

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Perukia, for which Chhapra town of Bihar is famous, is a cake-like preparation. It is prepared by mixing sooji (semolina) or khoa with sugar and wrapping the mixture in thin-leaves made from a mix of maida, water and ghee. The resultant sweet is then deep fried in ghee and served.

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Tilkut and Anarsa

Gaya is not only famous for its association with Lord Buddha. It is also known as the place with Tilkut and Anarsa as its specialty. While Tilkut is made from with white sesame seeds (til) and sugar, Anarsa comprises of a combination of rice flour, white sesame seeds and sugar.

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If you happen to visit Bihar anytime in the future, make sure to taste the luscious malpuas that form a specialty of the state. A malpua is prepared from a combination of maida, milk, banana, grated coconut, cashew nut, raisin, sugar, water and green cardamom, fried in ghee.

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Laddoo (Maner)

When the talk is about Bihari cuisine, how can one forget the laddoo of Maner. Laddoo is the name given to a sweet-ball made that is made from gram-flour, sugar and ghee. Though you will find laddoos in every sweet shop of Bihar, the ones made in Maner, about 30 km west of Patna, are the best.

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Khaja (Silao)

Silao village, situated about 15 km from Biharsarif and 8 km from Rajgir, is known for its ancient tradition of khaja making. A sweetmeat prepared with maida (wheat-flour), sugar and ghee, it is available in many varieties - Chandshahi, Round, Palvidar and Gandhi Topa. Amongst these, the one with rectangular shape is the most popular.

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Shakarpara and Thekua

Shakarpara and Thekua are the sweets made from maida (wheat floor) and sugar. They are prepared only on special occasions, by straining the combination of maida and sugar in ghee. Thekua, also known as Khajoor or Khajur, is a popular homemade dessert from Bihar and Jharkhand.

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Kheer Makhana (Darbhanga)

If you have come to Bihar and not tasted Kheer-Makhana, then your trip is as good as incomplete. It is a sweet dish prepared with milk, sugar and makhana, considered to be a specialty of the Darbhanga region of north Bihar.

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Balushahi (Runi Saidpur)

Runi-Saidpur, which falls on the Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi route, is the town that is famous for its Balushahi. The sweet comprises of a specially treated combination of maida (wheat floor) and sugar, which is cooked with ghee.

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Sonpapdi (Buxar and Munger)

Sonpapdi is a sweet for which the entire state of Bihar is popular. Still, it forms a specialty of the towns of Buxar and Munger. Sonpapdi is prepared by combining sugar, gram-flour and ghee.

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