Bihar is not just the name of a state of India. It is a pilgrimage, a holy place, a place which has always showed the light to the world. Two of the oldest religions, Buddhism and Jainism originated from Bihar. Right from The Magadh Kingdom to The Gupta empire to The Mauryan Dynasty to the current political bigwigs like Lalu and Nitish , Bihar has always been politically vibrant. The first democracy of the world started in Bihar is another feather in the cap of ‘The Proud Bihar’. Glory is something which has always been an integral part of Bihar. The history of Bihar is unmatched. Be it Chanakya or Aryabhatt, Be it Nalanda or Super 30, Biharis have always one reason or the other to be proud of. They say ‘success is how much you bounce, when you hit the bottom.’ And no example could be more appropriate than the current emergence of Bihar from ‘the dark ages’. Defying all statements and pre-conceived notions Bihar has risen all over again, from the ashes like a phoenix.

TP2BB Family All proud Biharies.