Dr. Rajendra Prasad,The First President Of Independent India.Who was born on 3rd december 1884,In the village saran district,North Bihar.Rajendra Prasad was a rich Hindu . His father Mahadev Sahai was a scholar in sanskrit and persian language.his mother’s name was Kamleshwari Devi.he was the youngest child and had one elder brother and three elder sister.Rajenddra prasad was three year old when his parents placed him under the tutelage of a maulavi ,To learn persian language,Hindi and arithmetic.after the completion of traditionally elementry education he went to chapra district school.mean while ,In june 1896 he was married to Rajavanshi devi at an early age at 12.He went to study at T.K Ghosh’s academy in Patana for a period of two years. He past the entrance exam of calcutta university in 1902.He was 18 years old that time,Then he join presidency college in calcutta .He had been initiated into the ‘SWADESHI MOVEMENT’ by his elder brother Mahendra Prasad.Rajendra Prasad served in various educational institution as a teacher after completing his M.A in economics,he became a professor of english at the Langat singh college of Muzaffarpur Bihar.He set himself up as a legal practitioner in calcutta in 1911,In 1916 he joined the heigh court of Bihar and odisha in 1917.He had also joined the Indian National Congress and was elected to the AICC(All India Congress Committee).
    In the April 1917 AICC session held in Calcutta where he met Mahatma Gandhi.This meeting with Gandhi ji became turning point of his career.He was the first leading political figure in the eastern provinces who joined forces with Gandhi Ji at a time .When the latter was without a large and effective following.During the Nagpur flag Satyagraha,Rajendder Prasad and the Valabbh bhai became good friends.He charished sardar’s friendship as one of the most pleasent memory of his life.
    He suffered several imprisonment.He was in jail on 15 Jan 1934 when the devastating earthquake in Bihar occurred.He was released two days later,he set himself immediately to the task of raising funds and organising relief .
  • He retired from his lucrative career of layer to add the movement
  • When the congress ministry were found in 1997 The parliamentary board consisting of Sardar Patel,Rajendra Prasad and Maulana Ajaad
  • He responded to the call by to Gandhi Ji boycott western educational establishment by asking his son ,Mritunjaya Prasad to drop out of his studies and enroll himself in Bihar Vidyapeeth
  • when Subhas chandra bosh had to be relieved of the office of the congress president,Rajendra Prasad took over the presidency to over come the crises of the leadership.
  • On 8 august 1982 Congress pass the Quit India Resolution which laid to the arrest of Rajendra Prasad.He was arrested him Sadaqat Ashram ,Patna and send to Bankipur Central Jail.After remaining there for nearly three years he was released on 15 june 1945
  • On 26 january 1950,the Constitution of Independent India was ratified and Rajendra Prasad was elected to the first president of india.
  • He travelled the world extensively as a emassador of india,building diplomatic rapport which foreign nation .
    He was re-elected for two consutive terms in 1952 and 1957.
        Prasad acted independently of politics ,following the expected role of as required the constitution.In 1962, after serving 12 year as a president ,He announced the decision to retired .He return to Patana on 14 may 1962 and prefer to stay in the campus of Bihar Vidyapeeth.He was subsequently awarded the Bharat Ratna ,The highest civilian award of India. He died on 18th feb 1963.Rajendra Smriti Sanghralaya in Patna is dedicated to him.